Project and Verzellesi: 3D rendering product virtualization

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Project and Verzellesi: 3D rendering product virtualization

Portfolio Description

Project and Verzellesi: 3D rendering product virtualization


Product: 3D presentation of Verzellesi products with Keyshot
Software used: KEYSHOT


The client

Verzellesi S.r.l. Is specialized in the rotational moulding field for the agricultural and industrial production of tanks and polyethylene parts.


The software choice

As the planned fair had to take place remotely, it was important for Verzellesi to show online products that looked as if they could be used in the most complete and realistic manner.

KeyShot is today the best software for 3D rendering as it enables:

  • updating of 3D models without losing pre-processed settings;
  • easy to understand and physically accurate properties representations of materials;
  • animations and motions of the object, functioning as if in reality. Thanks to a web browser HTML format, the client can see the 3D model with just some clicks of the mouse.


The project

We have been cooperating with company Verzellesi for years, offering a full service in terms of design and engineering of their products. This year, some of Verzellesi’s aged product lines needed some restyling and renovation, and others had to be integrated and introduced at Eima.


The challenge

Due to the pandemic and the decision to turn Eima into a digital event, we had to change the starter project and think of a way to approach clients by inviting them to visualize extraordinarily realistic and interesting product visuals. It was different from merely showing 3D models, some of which could normally be seen in stands: now, they had to be introduced remotely, with their technical characteristics, operations and materials, that could be virtually “touched”.


The solution

In order not to miss the business opportunities that would be normally offered by Eima, we suggested Verzellesi to use Keyshot for their product presentations. Together with the client we decided to implement the 3D design with photo-realistic visuals, virtual videos, as well as custom-design and user-friendly 3D models.


Our action

During the pandemic we have continued to implement the training, and added Keyshot and other software to our range of digital solutions. Our knowledge turned out to be useful when Eima, from being a physical meeting place, was transformed into a digital platform. We felt it was perfectly natural to suggest Verzellesi to render their most important products, in order to enable long-term and new clients not only to view them, but also study their characteristics.


The result

The client was very impressed and happy about the quality of visuals and videos made with Keyshot, but above all appreciated how fast we were in implementing the requested changes in the developing phase. The outcome also served as a way to enrich their website with new items.