30 Anni di esperienza nella Progettazione Meccanica

Project srl può vantare 30 anni di esperienza in tutti i campi della progettazione meccanica, con progetti in ambiti diversi: automazione, agricoltura, componenti per auto, tempo libero ecc. In ogni progetto portiamo  idee e competenze innovative maturate in diversi settori.

Use of high-level software

Sharing of working methodology

Design of all phases

Safety and confidentiality

Reliable and continuous collaboration

Highly qualified and informed personnel

I Software che utilizziamo

Utilizziamo i migliori software per la progettazione meccanica e siamo in gradi di allinearci completamente all’ambiente di lavoro del cliente.

PTC Creo, formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER, is a CAD / CAM / CAE 3D parametric solution, integrated and created by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). It was the first to introduce an associative and functionality-based parametric software for solid modelling on the market. Additionally, the following extensions are used: Creo SIMULATE and Creo Tool Design Extension (TDO)

CATIA V5 offers solutions for intuitive modelling based on specifications for designing solid, hybrid and sheet metal parts, assemblies and integrated drawings, as well as design and styling.

Siemens NX offers a new generation of design, simulation and production solutions, thanks to integrated, powerful and flexible tools, that allow for a more rapid and efficient product manufacturing, by supporting every single aspect of the development: from the concept to the design and fabrication.

This drawing and 3D design software was created for mechanical engineering and is mainly used for the design of mechanical, even complex, equipment.

It is a design and production software for studies and 2D drawings.
The strength of this software is: the freedom of movement of elements, the possibility to rapidly study different project variants thanks to the implementation ergonomics of 2D design functions and the creation of high-quality 2D plan files through the software’s rich functions, without going through 3D modelling.

Currently, this is one of the best 3D rendering software on the market. Not only is an import pipeline able to load almost all CAD file formats: during the mechanical design, at changes that have been made (to the geometry or a part) Keyshot updates the 3D model without losing the pre-processed settings.

ptc | creo | tool | design | extension | Project Novellara

Creo Tool Design

An extension that considerably improves the industrial production mould design.

ptc | creo | simulate | Project Novellara

Creo Simulate

An extension that creates digital prototypes to understand real-condition project performances.

ptc | creo | mechanism | dynamics | option | Project Novellara

Creo Mechanism Dynamics

An extension that enables the virtual real-world force simulation.

Solidworks Simulator Square | Project Novellara

Solidworks Simulation

An extension that is an intuitive and virtual testing environment, where linear static simulations can be performed.

Rendering 3D

Siamo specializzati nella realizzazione di animazioni e modellazioni 3D per macchine e prodotti dell’industria metalmeccanica, medicale e plastica.

Explaining the benefits of industrial equipment can be hard and not really effective.

But showing what it can do is very effective and convincing, with stunning results.

We produce 3D modelling and animations that illustrate your product in operation and highlight its benefits and technical characteristics.

  • Photo-realistic 3D rendering
  • 3D video rendering
  • HTML5 all-round rendering
  • Product configurators

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Project Stories

Il successo è determinato dall’abilità di trovare soluzioni; questo è il nostro valore aggiunto.


Analisi, progettazione, industrializzazione: servizi ad hoc per ogni step, dall’idea al prodotto finito.

We always start from the client’s needs and inputs, trying to understand the aim of the object that we are going to design, which issues are to be solved and what the priorities are.

Good design uses the support of the most advanced technologies to obtain high quality standards, without forgetting the functionality and simplicity of use of the finished object. In this phase the project takes shape: we design machines, sub-groups and components by means of analyses and structural verification calculations.

Through rendering and 3D virtual prototype films, time and cost optimization is possible before the object’s industrialization. We can produce 2D construction drawing tables, shot-peened assemblies and bills of materials by using the client’s configuration and regulations.

3D rendering and animations

We can produce your products’ 3D rendered videos, starting from files.


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Progettazione Meccanica

30 anni di esperienza in tutti i campi della progettazione meccanica

Mechanical design is a process involving the manufacturing/construction of any complex object through a series of technical, regulatory, and engineering steps: structural calculations, feasibility studies, regulatory constraints, tests and result analysis, drawings.

Our experience in different sectors of mechanical design (automation, agriculture, car components, recreation, etc.) allows us to have a full overview and be prepared for every new challenge, bringing ideas and innovative skills, that have been gained in different fields, in every project.

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