LUCE transportable tanks for professional machines designed with CATIA V5

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LUCE transportable tanks for professional machines designed with CATIA V5

Portfolio Description

Product: “LUCE” polyethylene tanks for transportable sprayers
Software used: CATIA V5 – SOLIDWORKS
Project: Design of a new line of tanks for transportable sprayers

The client

Verzellesi S.r.l. is specialized in the rotational moulding field for the production of tanks and special items in polyethylene for agriculture and industry.

The software choice

The main software used for this project is CATIA V5. We decided to use CATIA because it is the best software on the market for surface modelling, and the most suitable one for the construction of special geometries. Additionally, CATIA is capable of supporting the several stages of a product’s life: creation, design (CAD), production (CAM), analysis (CAE).

With SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION, structural verifications were carried out: the software can evaluate the stresses caused to the tank by the internal pressure of the fluids contained in it.

The project

The customer wanted to place a new line of tanks for transportable sprayers on the market, featuring an accurate design and all technical requirements to fit out a professional machine.

We at Project dealt with the new line’s engineering processes and requested Nussbaumer Design‘s collaboration for the design part.

The challenge

The new line of tanks should have these characteristics:

  • an innovative and modern design capable of immediately conveying the product’s quality and professional level;
  • a versatility that could meet the different technical needs of sprayer tank buyers;
  • improved stability thanks to the barycenter closer to the tractor;
  • optimization of multi-capacity moulds

The solution

Nussbaumer Design studio suggested the client 3 new concepts featuring innovative designs. The customer chose what could best meet requirements for performance and placement on the market.

We at Project srl took care of industrializing the new design with Verzellesi technology.

Our action

We started from a careful analysis of the products existing on the reference market. With CATIA V5 we developed 3D design models of all product parts without mechanical details.

Next, the product was developed and engineered, taking into account technical/functional requirements as well as productive and industrial needs.

The study primarily focused on the main tank with the highest capacity (2,000 litres) where all ergonomic / structural simulation tests were carried out to monitor its criticality already in the design phase. By simulating the tank filling in the worst-case scenario, we obtained the deformations and stresses caused by the pressure of the fluid contained; this allowed us to monitor and improve the product’s quality.

Then, we completed the industrialization of fairings, accessory pockets and tanks with lower capacities (1,700 – 1,500 – 1,200 litres), aiming at optimizing the moulds necessary for the entire project production.

As a final step, the whole technical documentation was produced to make the first few prototypes (assemblies and parts’ dimensional tables).

Thanks to the creation of rendered visuals and videos, the client could even more appreciate the design and shapes of the industrialized object.

The result

The project has fully met the client’s aesthetic and quality goals, but above all drew the attention of small/medium machinery manufacturers, that have acknowledged the new Luce series as a way to create modern and compact professional machines, while containing the initial investment costs. The possibility to assemble this series at a lower distance level from the tractor has also been very appreciated, as its stability was increased.