RCF speakers: a new design with Creo Parametric

Portfolio Description

Product: RCF flush mount ceiling speaker, RCF wall speaker, RCF amplifier
Client: RCF
Software used: CREO PARAMETRIC
Project: Design and engineering of a new line of speakers and amplifiers
Link: https://www.rcf.it/homepage

The client

RCF is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of high-tech products and systems for professional audio and its long-lived success is due to a simple philosophy: provide excellent products, first quality performances and premium assistance.

The software choice

The software used for this project was CREO PARAMETRIC. Creo is ideal for 3D modelling: with this software it is possible to easily generate parametric design surfaces that can effortlessly re-adjust to dimensional changes. This means it is easy for us to produce 2D drawings that are automatically updated based on 3D changes. Thanks to the available tools, the different versions of an assembly model are easy to manage.

The project

The customer wanted to place a new line of products on the market for commercial sound-engineering, inluding amplifiers and flush mount ceiling and wall speakers, and to combine improved technical and sound performances with an equally innovative design.
For this, Project srl and Nussbaumer Design were contacted and commissioned the design and engineering of the new line.

The challenge

For their new line of products RCF presented 3 specific needs:

  • to have an innovative design which would be able to immediately convey the technological innovation at the base of the new line
  • to have a product that, besides the design, would also integrate all the productive and industrial needs to obtain simple assemblies in a cost-effective manner.
  • to study solutions that could simplify the installer’s operations as much as possible.

The solution

Nussbaumer Design studio suggested the client 3 new concepts featuring innovative designs, completed with delivering technical solution proposals. Among others, the customer chose the sketches that could best meet the requirements for performance and placement on the market. At this point, Project srl took care of industrializing the new design with RCF technology.

Our action

With CREO PARAMETRIC we developed the specific 3D design models of all the parts relevant for the design impact without mechanical details.
Next, the product was developed and engineered keeping into consideration the technical and functional requirements of the internal lay-outs defined by RCF and the productive and industrial needs, with their potential impact on the design.
We carefully studied the assembly methods that were already on the market, in order to design an installation procedure based on the technicians and assemblers’ needs and expectations.
We therefore designed a product-integrated assembly system meeting all the needs for versatility and ease of installation.
To make the plastic amplifier front pieces, during the design phase Nussbaumer studio proposed to use the inmould decoration, an innovative technique for RCF. This allowed us to obtain a very elegant and discreet deep-effect look.
As a final step, the complete technical documentation was produced to make the first few prototypes (assemblies and parts’ dimensional tables).

The result


High-quality speaker with a discreet and modern design allowing for the net to be easily removed thanks to the magnetic fixture system. A direct access to the power selectors and a simple and fast installation are therefore possible.
The product meets all the safety requirements.


Speaker with an innovative and elegant design featuring a robust structure thanks to the use of high-quality materials that, together with an accurate sound projection, ensuring exceptional musical fidelity. The included adjustable mounting bracket allows for a simple and fast vertical or horizontal installation: the inclination can also be adjusted, to perfectly integrate the speaker with the surrounding ambient.


This amplifier is no longer an object to hide behind a counter: thanks to its new design and front piece, it can now be considered as a real piece of furniture to be displayed.
The goal of having a high performance and compact device, that is also elegant, reliable and easy to use, has been fully reached with this amplifier.

The line has been completed with a wall remote control and a paging microphone set.